Helen Appleby - Therapist

Doula, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist

Helen is a doula, yoga teacher and massage therapist.

Helen has been practising yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 10. She began her massage training as a part time hobby during her previous career in the film industry.

Helens pregnancy yoga training was with Uma Dinsmore Tuli and doula training with Michel Odent and Lilian Lammers. Both were during her first pregnancy which proved a powerful combination for her during birth.

Helens career has since blossomed in experience and variety. She now specialises in working with mothers as well as children and the elderly.

Helens work with women includes pregnancy yoga, pregnancy massage (including ‘Closing The Bones’), birth and post natal doulaing and post natal mum and baby yoga. She loves the sense of building community through her classes and treatments as well as making wellbeing more available and approachable to all.

As she grows older Helen feels increasingly drawn to work with women, feeling passionate and protective towards those women approaching birth and motherhood. Helen is in awe of our feminine capabilities especially in terms of strength and adaptability: “…in our bodies, running homes, balancing work and nurturing little lives: the constant Juggle. And always the ability to find a little more love, a little more energy on top of everything else.” Helen believes the power behind that strength and flexibility lies in our entrenched ability to communicate and support one another.

Helen hopes to play her part in this story through her wellbeing work with women and mothers. Helen provides a number of yoga classes, massage therapy and doula support in various venues in Bristol. Please contact us for more details.