Victoria Gazzard - Therapist

Victoria Gazzard has over 10 years of experience as a reflexologist and massage therapist.?Over this time she?has continued to develop her passion, knowledge and skill set?in women’s health and has supported many women with reproductive health issues, pregnancy complications and post natal concerns.

Working from The Natural Pregnancy Partnership in Long Ashton and The Alma Vale Centre in Clifton, she sees clients who require a more supportive and nurturing approach for emotional or physical issues concerning fertility, pregnancy and post-natal challenges

She has experience of helping women struggling with coming to terms with termination, miscarriage and loss, grief, trauma, stress, anxiety and depression, PND as well as pregnancy complications and physical challenges.

Victoria’s gentle and nurturing approach helps support women through particular challenging times using a number of tools and techniques such as reflexology, massage, reiki and Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT, guided visualisations and meditation to help her clients feel more positive and emotionally more resilient to cope.

Providing emotional support for women is the very heart of Victoria’s work, for when a women feels heard, supported and held in a non-judgmental space and is given the opportunity to unfold, let go and heal then she is in a much better place to create, grow and support her own family unit in a more loving and heart-centred way.

Victoria’s skills include;

Fertility Massage and Reflexology which is wonderful for bringing balance and harmony after miscarriage and loss, for hormone related conditions and to help prepare the body and mind for conception whether natural or assisted.

Pregnancy Massage and reflexology – wonderful for helping alleviate and keep on top of pregnancy musculoskeletal aches and pains as well as balancing hormones, calming stress and anxiety and connecting with baby-babies. Reflexology is wonderful to recieive pre and post birth too.

Energy healing such as reiki can help bring about a deep sense of relaxatiom, calm, peace and tranquillity for mums and the babies seem to love it too.

EFT is a wonderfully simple self help and emotional regulating technique that I teach as part of a session and is extremely effective at helping transmute negative emotions, help reduce negative thought patterns and build positive affirmations. It is a very safe and gentle technique that can be used to get to the bottom of and tackle the origin of emotions, memories and moods that hold us back. It is wonderful for pregnancy and birth anxieties.

Victoria is super delighted to be part of the Birth and Wellbeing Trust as she really values and sees the importance of an integrative approach to womens’ health where as a therapist she can help women to feel listened to, supported, empowered and confident in themselves, their bodies and their future.