Please take a look through some of our client comments.

  • Everyone who rated our service gave us 5 stars for both massage and counselling service.
  • 100% would recommend our service to a friend, family or colleague.
  • Strong feedback is that those who have used our service would like it to be available to more women, partners and staff and to cover a wider area.
I can’t thank Claire and Nicola enough for their care and support. The counselling really helped me when I was really struggling. I had this during the postnatal period. The massage I had during pregnancy and still continue to have 9 months later. It gives me time to think and have quiet time to myself. It is very relaxing and Claire is extremely welcoming and makes me feel very comfortable. I would have been lost without both of them.

I have only accessed the massage not the counselling. The massage was very good. Claire was calm, warm, intuitive and kind at a very difficult time for me while in hospital feeling anxious. She seems experienced and containing and safe

Thanks very much and thanks again for all those lovely massages and support at such a challenging time.

Wonderful supportive calm and warm environment during stressful times at the very end of my pregnancy and the very beginning of motherhood. A true oasis. Claire has such a fabulously calming and soothing presence. I happily recommended to other expectant ladies xxx

One of the best massages I’ve ever had! Really relaxing, and lots of time at the beginning to talk about how I was feeling during my pregnancy and what I wanted from a massage. Can’t wait for the next one!

More massage of this high quality should be offered for women struggling with pregnancy stress such as preeclampsia – where suitable.

The hospital room the massage was done in was uninviting. It was not purpose made or comfortable or warm, but Claire managed to cope with the room being not suitable. A better space would have been all I would have changed. It was also a long walk away from where I was which was not great with my condition at that time.

Am only having the counselling at the moment but feel it is a great help, when things get too much it helps having someone to talk to, and when feeling i can’t cope the counselling helps me think differently about things

The opportunity to access both physical and mental support is invaluable.

I am very lucky to have been offered this opportunity to have discounted counselling and donation massage, but a lot of people don’t have this service. If there was more funding more women could be supported during this critical time when their mental health is so vulnerable. I would have really struggled without this service.

A client who returned in her subsequent pregnancy: ‘Thank you, you helped so much in what was a really crappy pregnancy!’

More funding from the government to help more women like me, and enable them to continue their great service.

For me the service works very well. The combination of caring for physical and emotional health is excellent

Having more help to run the services, to enable offering a wider variety of locations available to more women

I found the counselling really helpful at a very difficult time in my life and the massage helped me to relax. Thank you so much for your time and care

You are providing a much needed and valuable service – just try to make sure more ladies know about what you do!

I’d been feeling quite anxious during my pregnancy and still do every couple of weeks so my massage was a great chance to relax, and fantastic to be able to talk through my pregnancy with a midwife as well.

I think the everyone should know how precious this service is. Massage with Claire personally helps my mental well-being without doubt and offers a much-needed safe space