Birth Trauma Therapy

Traumatic experiences that continue to haunt you months, even years after your baby was born, can disrupt your every day and haunt your nights causing deep anxiety, a sense of panic and physical stress affecting everyday life and relationships 

Experiencing posttraumatic stress feels like you are reliving the trauma again, right in the here and now. Your heart races, hands can tremble, palms sweat as adrenaline and cortisol stimulate your fight, flight or freeze responses 

The 3-step rewind approach combines deep relaxation, visualisation techniques with well-formed outcomes specific to your experiences, that help you to side step your physiological responses to your difficult experiences. This way a transformation can occur where hyperstimulating  memories become disempowered, disassociated from triggers, enabling you to continue your everyday life in a calmer and more optimistic way.  

3 x 1 hours sessions, £50 each. Available at home or in clinic.

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“I can’t thank Claire and Nicola enough for their care and support. The counselling really helped me when I was really struggling. I had this during the postnatal period. The massage I had during pregnancy and still continue to have 9 months later. It gives me time to think and have quiet time to myself. It is very relaxing and Claire is extremely welcoming and makes me feel very comfortable. I would have been lost without both of them.”