Massage Therapy

The use of massage supports physiological, psychological and emotional changes in pregnancy including stress and tension, back pain, leg aches, oedema, neck and shoulder pain, anxiety, headaches and general pregnancy tiredness.  

Massage promotes deep relaxation and rest, encouraging serotonin, dopamine, endorphins and oxytocin. This positive neuroendocrine surge promotes benefits both you and your baby. These hormones promote wellbeing, happiness and provide pain relief as well as enabling physiological labour, birth, breastfeeding, positive family connections and reduce the impact of longterm conditions such as depression and chronic pain. 

Massage provides you with calm, comfort and encourages a connection with your baby. Massage is suitable in any stage of pregnancy and beyond your due date.  Some conditions may not be suitable for a full body massage, but adaptations can usually be made following consultation.  

60 mins £50 

90mins £75

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“I think the everyone should know how precious this service is. Massage with Claire personally helps my mental well-being without doubt and offers a much-needed safe space.”